A – Urban Vs Natural Textures Zine






+ A1 Screenprint




B – Endangered Spirits Zine





A. Urban Vs Nature Textures Zine

A zine designed using my own rubbings taken from two different locations, creating a graphic contrast, between the beauty of textures in an urban and natural environment. I used a photocopier to print the textures from the actual rubbings taken. I also made a collection of duo colour A1 screen print which overlays 9 gold natural textures over silver urban textures.

B. Endangered Spirits Zine

This zine looks at animals which have been led close to extinction, the zine provides information about the animals, how they are dying out and the numbers left on our planet. I also illustrated the animals in a way which, shows how and why they are being endangered. I created 30 copy’s of zine, they were then sold at a zine fair and the money donated to WWF, who continue to help these wonderful spirits we share our earth with.