Process Book Spread 1 (Logo Experimentation)


Process Book Spread 2 (Early Visual Tests)


Full Identity (Envelope, Letterhead, Brochure, Brand Guidelines, Business Card & Flyer)


Flyers A6


Brochure Spread 1 (Contents)


Brochure Spread 2 (Linocuttin’)


Brochure Spread 3 (Analog Synths)


Brand Guidelines Spread


Business Cards (Double Sided Emboss)


Letterhead (Front & Back)


Main Launch Poster


Techno / African Art – A1 Workshop Posters

Cultural Identity Crisis – Branding Project [Rooted]


This brief asks designers to find to cultures that could be married into one identity and language creating a brand. For this project I decided to bring together techno music with African art and create a festival situated in the forests of Bristol. I was very inspired by the African Adinkra symbolism and simple shapes that translate when I am listening to techno music.


The guidelines for the identity are very open to movement and experimentation in shape, layout and typography. I have tried to provide all the graphic tools and given examples of how they can be used.