A – Stop that Sh*t








B – Cultural Identity Crisis

Process Book Spread 1 (Logo Experimentation)


Process Book Spread 2 (Early Visual Tests)


Full Identity (Envelope, Letterhead, Brochure, Brand Guidelines, Business Card & Flyer)


Flyers A6


Brochure Spread 1 (Contents)


Brochure Spread 2 (Linocuttin’)


Brochure Spread 3 (Analog Synths)


Brand Guidelines Spread


Business Cards (Double Sided Emboss)


Letterhead (Front & Back)


Main Launch Poster


Techno / African Art – A1 Workshop Posters



C. Visual Systems


IKEDA from jay Yan on Vimeo.


I designed these French Folded, Risograph printed zines, they were intended to be given out to show that humans still litter the streets and dog sh*t is still left to crumble or be stepped on by someone. I chose to use the risograph as it is known to never really dry completely, hence when the viewer touches the images it would leave an unwanted fluorescent pink mark on their fingers.

B. Cultural Identity Crisis – Rooted (Branding)

This brief asks designers to find to cultures that could be married into one identity and language creating a brand. For this project I decided to bring together techno music with African art and create a festival situated in the forests of Bristol. I was very inspired by the African Adinkra symbolism and simple shapes that translate when I am listening to techno music.

C. Visual Systems – Ryoji Ikeda (Posters)

This brief explores poster design and creating a visual system for four audiovisual projects, which work together as a poster series. The final outcomes for this project were four A1 posters which were created with layers. I used the photocopier to get the background textures containing binary code representing each audiovisual project. This binary code printed on laser film was then laid over photographs I took showing repetition in architecture to enhance the themes of infinity and the universe Ikeda’s work portrays. The title type was created by using a circle grid to give the poster a feel of the matrix and LED movement. I also created a short simple video on After Effects.

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